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Patient Pre-Admissions Can Begin with EMS

EMS scans the patient’s driver’s license, and the check-in process is already in motion.


Backline allows Emergency Medical Responders to obtain a patient’s medication history on the scene simply by scanning their driver’s license to quickly aid clinical decision making on the scene. Critical patient medication and treatment information can be securely shared with the receiving facility even before the patient arrives.

The receiving facility can then use that data to:


Pre-register a patient for treatment


Alert specialty teams as needed


Streamline the patient arrival process

Once the barcode on the back of a patient's driver’s license is scanned with a mobile device camera, Backline can provide a patient medication list within seconds to the clinician and/or medical team.

Note: If there is no license or state ID to scan, the patient demographics can be entered manually and still produce a medication list.

Using Backline for EMS provides:


Accurate patient medication
data at the point of care
within seconds


Fewer delays in
patient registration
and care


Expedited patient
throughput and
better patient outcomes

READ THE CASE STUDY: King’s Daughter Medical Center Emergency Improves Patient Outcomes and Speed Time-to-Care with Backline

- Read the Case Study

“For paramedics, every second is crucial. With Backline®, our paramedics can safely and securely share data and medical information with our hospital healthcare team. It helps them deliver faster, safer care for our patients upon arrival.” 

- Nick Smith,
Nurse Manager King’s Daughter Medical Center Emergency Department

READ THE CASE STUDY: "Being able to get instant access to patients’ medication history when we need it and then being able to share this information with our pharmacist and care team for telehealth and collaboration has been a game-changer for our MICH program."

- Scott Wheatley, Assistant Chief of EMS for Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services

Read the Case Study

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